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SCW by the Numbers

New Entrants.png

The number of new entrants needed to enter the construction industry to replace retirements and fulfill the workload demand over the next decade.

New Journeypersons.png

New certified journeypersons needed to keep pace with employment and replacement demand across all of the construction industry.

Construction Companies.png

Registered construction companies in Saskatchewan. That’s more than forestry, mining, oil & gas and transportation combined.

2nd Largest Employer.png

Second only to retail, and construction jobs typically pay a lot more than retail. 7% of Saskatchewan’s GDP is thanks to construction.


Number of Saskatchewan residents employed in construction. That’s 8% of our provincial workforce!

30 year olds.png

The number of new entrants aged 30 and younger expected to be drawn into the construction labour force from the local population (non-residential construction.)


Of the 5,800 women employed in Saskatchewan’s construction sector, 38% worked on-site, directly on construction projects.

Indigenous People.png

12% of Saskatchewan’s construction labour force is made up of Indigenous people, of which about 85% work directly on construction projects.

1 in 12.png

Chances are that you know someone who works in construction!

*Sourced from the Government of Saskatchewan Economic Dashboard and BuildForce Canada Construction & Maintenance Looking Forward Highlights 2021-2030 and 2020-2029.

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