7 Steps to get Involved!

Whether it's simply sharing a post, attending an event, or launching your own campaign, check out these 7 easy ways you can participate, or download our Participation Guide!


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/Saskatchewan Construction Week

Don't forget to use our hashtag - #SKConstructionWeek


Display the SCW flag

Order your SCW flag and display it at work, in the office, on your vehicle...wherever!


Display the SCW poster

Contact us for a copy of the SCW by-the-numbers poster, or to have one custom designed with your branding included!


Print it, and hang it up in your office or worksite!


Participate in local promotions

Who loves FREE McDonald's breakfast and DQ Blizzards? We do!

We're always looking for partnerships with local businesses to participate in the SCW platform, whether it's in-kind sponsorship, a special deal, or even just a re-tweet.


Random Acts of Kindness

Build a bench for a local park or fix a leaky tap for a community hall, whatever it is - we encourage you to give back to the community we serve.

Don't forget to tell us about it online with #SKConstructionWeek!

Highlight your Construction Hero on social media! Tell us why he or she is so amazing at what they do.

Don't forget to tag us!



Who is your Construction Hero?


Construction Friday

Work in an office? Have some fun!

Put $1 in a jar for a local charity, and wear jeans and boots to the office that day. Start any meetings off with a Safety Minute. Engage the team in some friendly competition

Don't forget to tell us about it online with