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Special Recognition

Thank You Construction Workers!

We'd like to acknowledge our hardworking construction professionals for their outstanding performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. They kept us safe, kept the economy moving, and literally built our communities. THANK YOU!

Sherry Holmes

Sherry is a permanent member of Mike’s Make it Right crew, first on Holmes Inspection, then on Holmes Makes It Right, and now on Holmes: Next Generation, and HGTV’s hit show Home to Win.

Sherry Holmes.jpg

“My brother, Mike Jr. and I believe in my dad’s “Make It Right®” philosophy. Working and collaborating with key industry product leaders and builders to improve building practices, products and the trades just makes sense. What could be more important than preserving and enhancing the safety and well-being of communities and households for everyone?”

~ Sherry Holmes

“Today, there are more options than ever in the skilled trades and technology sectors to consider. It’s lucrative, plus it allows you to be creative, flexible, and with time and experience you can become your own boss! It can be incredibly rewarding.”

~ Mike Holmes Jr.

“Remember a skilled trade is something to be proud of. To me, it’s art. Whether it’s laying tile, carpentry, masonry, or haircutting, it’s art. You’re taking your imagination and you are expressing it through your hands.”

~ Mike Holmes Jr.

Mike Holmes Jr.

Mike Holmes Jr. (MJ) is a professional contractor, television host, public speaker, educator, guest expert and online personality. You may have seen MJ on shows including Holmes in New Orleans, Mike's Ultimate Garage, and most recently Home to Win.

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